Most of us lose hope of finding our bags or wallets after forgetting them in cabs. But this Indian student in Dubai was lucky enough to find her lost wallet after a Pakistani driver whose cab she had booked a ride in, returned it to her.

According to reports, Raechel Rose, who originally belongs to Kerala, lost her wallet in a cab on 4th January. She had boarded Modassar Khadim’s cab along with another friend and immediately left the hired taxi on seeing other friends passing by.

In a hurry to leave, she left her wallet behind. It contained a UK student visa and approx. ₹19,000. 

Gulf News

After completing two other trips, Khadim noticed the wallet in the cab and opened it to check if there was any contact number. After failing to contact the rightful owner of the wallet, he called RTA and lodged a complaint.

Later, he received a call from the authorities apprising him of the details of the owner of the wallet. He immediately went to their house and returned the wallet along with all the money and cards.


Netizens are praising the driver for his honesty.

Rose’s father offered him ₹11,500 which he refused to accept saying she was like her younger sister.