Ever since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, he has become the best bet for the Pakistani media to take aims at India’s credibility as a secular country. With the environment in India becoming a cause of concern, there were elaborate protests against him during his US visit.

Narendra Modi | Source: Reuters

Now, as Modi is about to visit the United Kingdom for the first time as Indian Prime Minister, the Pakistani media is reporting a dramatic turn of events.

As the Pakistani media describes Modi as being central to the massacre in Gujarat, it has shed light on a murder case being filed against Narendra Modi in London, as reported by Geo tv .

Tariq Mahmood (left) | Source: The London Post

Tariq Mahmood who is supposedly a leading Muslim community activist in the UK and member of the very subtly titled “Pakistan Patriotic Front”, is said to have requested the police, to simply “arrest the butcher of Gujarat” as he sets foot in UK.

Source: PTI

Interestingly, Mahmood also protested against the MQM which the Pakistani media tried to link to India’s RAW, following army raids against the party’s workers. Also a report published recently suggested that Indian intelligence was planning to kill Nawaz Sharif.

Source: PTI

As absurd as it may sound, the complaint directly holds Modi responsible, for the killing of three British nationals in the riots as they were on their way back to Gujarat from Jaipur. Although they don’t seem to have figured out that a head of state cannot simply be picked up by the cops during his visit.

While Britain had lifted the ban on Modi way back in 2012, the report suggests that thousands of British Muslims will be protesting against Modi in the light of recent incidents.