If you thought the shouting matches on our new channels were bad, wait till you watch this.

Youth ki Awaaz

A news debate on a Pakistani news channel recently turned into a fist fight after one of the panellists attacked an other over an argument. 

India Today

And this happened on a live news show. One of the panellists was Masroor Ali Siyal from Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s PTI, while the other was Karachi Press Club President Imtiaz Khan. 

You can watch the video here: 

As these two went for it, others in the studio were heard shouting, ‘hato hato’. 


Twitter, as usual had a gala time watching this. 

After the others intervened, Masoor Ali Siyal took back his chair to sit while Imtiaz Khan walked out of the studio for a bit. He then returned and the channel just resumed the debate.