By now, we all know the fact that social distancing is a must to stop the spread of coronavirus. But sadly, some things don’t ever seem to change. 

Recently, someone uploaded an image on Reddit where passengers clad in face shields and masks conveniently forgot about social distancing norms as they were rushing out of their seats to exit the plane. WHY?

Agreed, that Indians don’t have the best reputation when it comes to flight etiquette but, it’s sad to see that the situation is still the same even as the number of COVID-19 cases are increasing in our country. 

We still don’t understand why Indians are in such a hurry to exit the plane and what’s the harm in waiting for just a few minutes more? People are literally glued to one another in the aisle and no one seems to be bothered.

Airport authorities are doing everything in their capacity to ensure social distancing norms but, after seeing the above image, one can’t help but question what difference is this going to make if people don’t change their attitude.

Well, just like most of us, Reddit users weren’t pleased with what they saw and this is how they reacted.

Why is it so hard for us Indians to follow one simple rule? Sigh!