In the late 90s, most of us hadn't really heard too much rock music. Heck, a lot of us weren't even born in the 90s, and you can forget about any exposure to Indian rock bands. Then, in 1996, MTV aired the music video for 'But It Rained' by Parikrama, and the band cemented its name as one of the mainstays of rock in India.

Source: East Mojo

Tragically, their lead guitarist, the much-loved Sonam Sherpa passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest while travelling for work in Kurseong. He was 48 years old.

Sonam Sherpa was one of the founding members of this seminal band, as well as an integral part of the independent music scene in India. His contribution to the support of rock music in India cannot be understated.

Source: Deccan Herald

Apart from the band, Sherpa also ran Parikrama School of Music in Delhi. He is credited as an inspiration by many established musicians around the country.

Source: Times of India

Sonam Sherpa, his music, and his Gibson Les Paul guitar will always be remembered.