The search for one of the prime accused Salah Abdeslam along with his accomplices, responsible for the Paris attacks is underway. The attacks led to the killing of 129 people in Paris on Friday, November 13.

Till now five people have been arrested in connection to the attacks. A rocket launcher has been seized from one of the spots.

Brussels-born 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam is a key suspect named by French police. In the hours after the attacks, Salah Abdeslam and two other men were stopped close to the border with Belgium but allowed them to go on their way because their names were not there on any wanted list.

Salah’s brother Ibrahim Abdeslam and Omar Ismaïl Mostefai died in the suicide attacks.

The arrests come after French authorities launched a string of pre-dawn operations, with crack counter-terrorism police raiding homes across Toulouse, Grenoble, Calais, Bobigny, and Jeumont, near the Belgian border.

Meanwhile, France struck Islamic State positions in Syria. The raid including 10 fighter jets, was launched simultaneously from the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.