Courtesy of the winter, the people in Delhi have been feeling a little cold leading up to the new year. However, if you think they have it bad, you should read about the people in parts of North America. 

According to a report by Newsweek, there are parts of the region which are colder than Mars.


The Canadian government recently issued weather alerts which also included a list of places currently warmer than the country. One of these places is Antarctica and the other one is parts of the planet, Mars.


On Thursday, the daily high on Mars was recorded to be -9.4 degrees Fahrenheit, which was a little warmer than Montreal. 


It is, however, to be noted that the temperature on Mars can get as high as -9.4 degrees Fahrenheit or as low as -112 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump tweeted that with all the cold, the world could use a bit of global warming, a phenomenon, we believe he doesn’t know already exists.