Apart from being a religion, Sikhism has always been about serving others. It was this that got this Chinese man to embrace Sikhism.

Pat Singh Cheung is one of the few Sikhs of Chinese descent in the world and is a resident of Vancouver. His first encounter with Sikhism was when he saw a crowd of people lined up outside a community center.


According to CBC, as soon as Cheung reached the center, he was handed a pair of gloves to serve food at Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen.

After that, Cheung never looked back and decided to embrace Sikhism as his religion. He completely changed his appearance and now dons a turban along with a kadha. A photographer by profession, Cheung now follows a strict regime of waking up at 3.30 AM which is the time of ‘Amrit vehla’, to offer his prayers.

Cheung helps out the Guru Nanak Free Kitchen every Sunday to serve free meals. CBC also adds that Cheung has written and published a pamphlet in Cantonese named “3 Facts about Sikhi”. His purpose is to make the world, and especially Chinese people aware of the teachings of Sikhism.