With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to kill people all over the globe and no vaccine in sight, Patanjali's co-founder and CEO, Acharya Balkrishna has claimed that his company has managed to develop an Ayurveda medicine that has cured COVID-19 patients within 5-14 days, Indian Express reported. 

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Speaking to reporters, Balkrishna said that a trial had been conducted on hundreds of Covid-19 patients and that his company's 'medicine' has yielded 100% favourable results. 

We appointed a team of scientists after the Covid-19 outbreak. First, the simulation was done and compounds were identified which can fight the virus and stop its spread in the body. Then, we conducted a clinical case study on hundreds of positive patients and we have got 100 per cent favourable results. 
Source: Economic Times

'We can say that the cure for COVID is possible through Ayurveda', he claimed. 

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Earlier the Maharashtra government had also approved the use of homoeopathy medicine Arsenic Album 30 for the general population as a prophylactic against Covid-19 and as an immunity booster.