Superstar Akshay Kumar is probably the most popular action hero of Bollywood and is known to have fought many terrorists and criminals in of his action-packed movies. And it turns out he has pretty similar views on how to handle terrorists in real life too. 

At a press conference to promote his latest film, Airlift, Akshay Kumar expressed anger about events like the Pathankot attack and said terrorists shouldn’t be spared. 

He said the ‘only formula’ to deal with terrorism. 

Iska ek hi formula ho sakta hai, bhaiya aap andar ghus ke maar do (There is one formula possible, you cross into their territory and kill them),” the actor said. 

Here is what he told the media:       

Akshay Kumar, we loved you as a patriotic counter-terrorism soldier in Baby. But we’re glad you’re not handling India’s diplomatic policy just yet.