The temperatures in North India have been at a record high, this year. And it is understandable if people find it difficult to survive without ACs or coolers.

But what is shocking is that family members of a patient in Kota, unplugged the ventilator to plug in an air cooler. Result: The patient died.


According to reports, the patient was a suspected case of Covid-19 and was admitted to the ICU at MBS Hospital in Kota on 13th June. Two days later, he was shifted to the isolation ward as a safety measure.

His family members who came to visit him the same day, brought an air cooler with them since it was very hot in the ward. On finding no socket for the cooler, they allegedly unplugged the ventilator.


The ventilator worked on battery for at least half an hour after which it stopped.

The patient had to be given CPR immediately, but he didn’t survive.

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Soon, the news went viral on social media leaving people shocked and talking about the ignorance of the patient’s family members.

After the unfortunate incident, a committee has been formed to probe the incident, reports of which will be submitted by today, 20th June.