In today’s episode of ‘yo aadmi so entitled’, a matrimonial ad from ‘presently not working’ individual has surfaced on Twitter. 

The unemployed bit is important here, because of the list of qualities this person expects in the woman he will marry.

To name a few – ‘very’ fair, ‘very’ beautiful, ‘very’ loyal, ‘very’ trustworthy. Among others like, loving, caring, brave, powerful and rich. 

That is not the shocking part, though. In a better twist than the movie Naayak, the person mentions that the woman has to be patriotic to be worthy of marrying him. In caps. To quote him:

Extremely patriotic to India with a keen desire to increase India’s military and sports capabilities.

Basically, he wants to marry Akshay Kumar.

The question here is, if the woman has all conventional and unconventional qualities of a perfect human being, why would she marry this guy? The answer is in the first line of this article.

Also, the last time someone was able to increase India’s military and sports capabilities in a noteworthy manner, they were Union Ministers – who, I highly doubt, are looking at newspaper ads like these to find a life partner.

Aur koi bhai se puche aap kya karoge while wife strengthens India’s military and sports? 

Anyhow, the ad quickly goes back to the duties all women are made for: Raising kids and cooking food.

But those qualities mean nothing if she is not a ‘Hindu Brahmin working girl from Jharkhand or Bihar’.

To be honest, this ad sound like an SEO article where the writer has put all possible keywords so that it trends on the internet. Gotta say, that goal was accomplished with ease.

We could not verify which newspaper this ad was published in or where it comes from, but I won’t be surprised if such a thing actually exists. Think you got it in you? Text him on the given number, and remember not to call. He has mentioned he won’t pick up.