All those times when we ate golgappas and samosa chaat on the roadside, the last thing we notice is the pattal plates used for eating it. And if anyone asked us how much do these cost, we might guess something around ₹1 or 2, right?


But, recently it was noticed that Nicobar, a high-end retail lifestyle brand in India, is selling these pattal leaf plates at absurdly high prices.


While a set of 100 such plates costs just around ₹200, the brand is calling them pattal quarter plates and selling a set of 8 plates at ₹100.

This means that one plate costs around ₹13.


A sponsored post about the same was doing rounds on the Internet and that’s how people discovered that the brand is selling these pattal plates.

A Twitter user also posted a screenshot of the same Instagram post and people started mocking the brand for its absurd pricing.

This absurd pricing is surely earning them huge profits.