A group of lawyers of Patiala House Court, who have earned nation-wide notoriety for their actions over the last week, held a protest march to India Gate against ‘anti nationals’ on Friday. And one of the lawyers accused of violence in the court complex showed that regret was the last thing they felt about their actions. 

Advocate Yashpal Tyagi was one of those lawyers who had joined the protest march. But he’s better known as one of the lawyers caught on camera assaulting people in the court complex. 

So when ABP News correspondent Pratima Mishra, asked him whether he condemned the violence in the Patiala House Court complex,  he countered, “Pehle aap vande mataram boliye‘ (first say ‘Vande Mataram).” Classy.

He even went on and said,” Who are you to ask me every single time…if you chant vande mataram only then I will give my answer.” 

However, Mishra refused to succumb to his conditions and instead kept questioning him. And not surprisingly the lawyer had no answer. 

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