Due to the rapid spread of coronavirus, economic slowdown and the need for basic healthcare equipments the cabinet has approved an ordinance. 

This ordinance has directed slashing the pension and allowances of members of Parliament by 30 per cent for a year with effect from April 1, 2020.  

On this matter, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar added, 

Apart from the ordinance on MP salary, President Ram Nath Kovind, Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu and many state governors and lieutenant-governors have also voluntarily decided to take a pay cut as a social responsibility. The money will go to the Consolidated Fund of India. 

At a meeting through video-conferencing, the Cabinet also approved the move to suspend the MPLADS scheme for two years. Rs 7,900 crore from the MPLADS scheme will go to Consolidated Fund of India.