If you’re using any social media platforms at all, the chances are very high that you have seen people changing their DPs to a plain blue picture.

For those who are oblivious to the reason, it’s to show solidarity with Sudan.

The crisis that started after ousting of former president Omar al-Bashir, led to widespread protests because of Army taking over the country.

Many pro-democracy protesters were gunned down and raped by the army personnel in the uprising, making it a global issue demanding immediate attention.

However, mainstream media in many parts of the world chose to remain silent on the issue. The blue profile picture was an attempt to change that and start the much-important disucssion.

The movement, called #BlueForSudan, started after the untimely demise of one of the protesters in the region. His name was Mohammed Hashim Mattar.

Hashim was killed during an uprising on his birthday, while he was trying to save two women.

Hashim’s favourite colour was blue, led to the start of this movement.

#BlueForSudan because lest we forget Hashim’s sacrifices.