Ater the coronavirus pandemic, people are bound to stay at their homes as the whole nation is under lockdown. This is the reason why virtual hangouts have become a new trend in society.

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While there are several social media apps that connect to your loved ones through video calls, a new app is trending among people that let them play games while seeing their opponents in real time.

Houseparty app
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Houseparty, developed by Epic Games, has become the go-to app for millions across the globe in the past few weeks. So far, the app has recorded more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store.

However, after using the app for a while, several users have reported on social media that their accounts such as Spotify, Snapchat and PayPal were hacked.

Houseparty android
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As a response, an Epic Games spokesperson told The Sun that they have found no evidence that suggests a link between Houseparty and compromises of other accounts. The spokesperson also added that people should use strong passwords while setting up online accounts.

Houseparty social media app
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However, when more and more people started complaining about the issue, a tweet was posted on the official Twitter handle of Houseparty, assuring that the service is safe and secure. 

But, here's how people have responded to the assurance put out by the creators on Twitter.

While there are a number of people sceptical about the app, others doubted the claims.

While the claims can neither be proven or denied, online safety is a prerequisite for all users. For our own safety, we should change the passwords of our social media accounts to stay safe.