Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh has been a site for silent protests against the CAA and the NRC for over two weeks, now. People – even the ones aged over 80 – have been sitting there to have their demands heard.

What demands? Not to be thrown out of their houses.

Who is listening? Well, virtually no one.

That’s what you’d gather from the lack of interaction/action from the authorities. 

So, it might be a great idea for you to spend your New Year’s Eve with these people, who – rest assured – will take good care of you.

This December is the second coldest in a 100 years. A 100 years. The last time it was this cold, India wasn’t a free nation and people sitting at Shaheen Bagh had not even taken birth.

Their ancestors were probably fighting for our Independence, unaware that a few decades later, the events will repeat themselves. Climatically and politically. 

But, now that we are facing this crisis, it is our chance to uphold the sanctity of democracy. 

To assert that no one can take away from us, our right to protest. 

To make sure that kids aren’t out in this deadly weather. 

To get the elderly back to the warmth of their houses. The warmth they’ve earned. 

For that, we have to show up. 

Now, we come to the how of things. That’s easy, too – just go. 

Make sure you have put substantial layers of clothing because it is going to be very cold outside. 

The gathering starts 8 PM onwards and you will get to be a part of all the singing, dancing and poetry, celebrating the emotions we are all carrying in our hearts.

So, celebrate New Year’s Eve at Shaheen Bagh, if you can. The people there need our support in these times – it’s the least we can do anyway.