The residents of the Maudaha area in UP’s Hamirpur district have been bowing their heads, worshipping, and even performing ‘pooja’ outside a building on the premises of the Community Health Centre.


The residents were in for a massive shock when they found out that the saffron coloured building was a public toilet instead. 

According to News18, this confusion seemed to have been created due to the saffron colour of the toilet’s walls, which has now thankfully been painted pink.


 Although the toilet was inaugurated almost a year ago, it is yet to be operational.  

Honey Singh, who runs a general store near the toilet told reporters:

I have a shop in front of the toilet and due to its colour, people used to mistake it for a temple and would bow down in front of it. After the colour was changed, the confusion seems to have cleared. The toilet is not yet operational, due to which people are still facing inconvenience.
Khaleej Times

Well, now that been painted pink, we hope it has taken care of all the confusion.