If there’s one thing that all of us can vouch for, then it’s the fact that we’re literally everywhere. Be it giving the world the number ‘0’ or holding a position in a foreign government, us desis are on a legit roll.

Even Biden has over 20 Indian-Americans constituting his review teams. Not just that, there are many other governments where Indians play key roles. 

1. Anita Anand

Minister of Public Services and Procurement, Member of Parliament for Oakville in the House of Commons of Canada.

2. Navdeep Bains 

Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, Mississauga—Malton, Canada 

3. Harjit Sajjan 

Minister of National Defence, Vancouver South, Canada  

4. Bardish Chagger 

Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth Waterloo, Canada  

5. Leo Varadkar

Deputy PM of Ireland  

6. Rishi Sunak 

Chancellor of the Exchequer Of Great Britain

7. António Costa

Prime Minister of Portugal 

8. Priti Patel

Home Secretary, Britain 

9. Arun Majumdar 

 Team lead for the Department of Energy Agency Review Team, US

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10. Rahul Gupta 

Team lead for the Office of National Drug Control Policy, US


11. Kiran Ahuja

Team Lead for the Office of Personnel Management, US


12. Puneet Talwar

Department of State Agency Review Team, US


13. Pav Singh 

 For the National Security Council and Office of Science and Technology, US


14. Arun Venkatraman 

Department of Commerce and USTR, US

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15. Shital Shah 

Department of Education,US


16. R Ramesh 

Department of Energy, US

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17.  Rama Zakaria

Department of Energy, US

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18. Subhasri Ramanathan 

Department of Homeland Security, US


19. Raj De 

Department of Justice, US

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20. Seema Nanda 

 Department of Labour, US


21. Raj Nayak

 Department of Labour, US

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22. Bhavya Lal



23. Dilpreet Sidhu

National Security Council, US


24. Divya Kumaraiah 

For the Office of Management and Budget, US


25. Kumar Chandran 

For the Department of Agriculture, US


26. Aneesh Chopra 

US Postal Service


27. Dr. Vivek Murthy

Appointed as a co-chair for Biden’s COVID-19 Task Force

28. Priyanca Radhakrishnan

She holds portfolios such as Community and Voluntary Sector, Diversity, Inclusion and Ethnic communities, Youth. Along with that, she is also an Associate Minister for Social Development and Employment, New Zealand. 

Other Indian-Americans present in Biden’s review team involves Reena Aggarwal, and Satyam Khanna for the Federal Reserve, Banking and Securities Regulators Agency Review Teams, Pravina Raghavan, and Atman Trivedi for the Department of Commerce,

A few images used for representational purposes.