Social distancing is the ‘new normal’ but, people are finding innovative ways to do things together, have some fun and let loose. 

People in a neighbourhood in UK were seen performing bhangra outside their homes while maintaining social distancing. 

Twitter user, Shergill posted a video on Twitter where he can be seen starting out with some basic steps of bhangra and soon others from the neighbourhood joined in. Lovely!

They were grooving to a peppy Punjabi song, ‘Veervaar’ from Sardaarji and we have to say we are damn impressed. 

Well, if that wasn’t enough, Shergill also played the dhol on his mothers request to give us full desi feels.

Just like us, Twitter users were very impressed and even singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh (who was in the film, Sardaarji) retweeted the video online. 

Ahh…this video made our day and we hope you enjoyed it too.