You know how Future made this song called “Mask Off”, looks like a few people took it way too seriously. 

All of us know at least one person who just won’t wear a mask or follow COVID-19 safety rules. And no matter what we say, they still wouldn’t adhere to it. Well, now we know why?

 As per this study, people who don’t wear masks are likely to be sociopaths.

A study done by professor Fabiano Koich Miguel along with his colleagues found out that people who refuse to wear masks or follow social distancing norms are likely to have sociopathic tendencies

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There were other traits that were found in people who flouted COVID-19 safety rules such as callousness, deceitfulness and even manipulativeness. 

Reportedly, a survey was done on people in Brazil where 1,578 subjects were quizzed if they adhere to COVID-19 measures or not. 

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Each student participated in personality tests online which then divided them into two groups such as- the ’empathy’ group and the ‘sociopath’ group. 


Researchers claim that the latter group is more likely to flout social distancing norms and even refuse to wear masks.  

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Finally, an explanation that makes sense.