In life, you never know what’s in store. You might get into an accident, or you might be in a bad place mentally and end up harming yourself. Either way, injuries leave scars, and apart from the aesthetic angle, people sometimes just don’t want to have a reminder of something that obviously hurt them so much. Tattoos, apart from looking straight up cool, can also serve to cover up and beautify some of the painful blemishes, and even surgery marks, that you might have.

Here are some scars that have been covered up by tattoos beautifully!

The classic snakes and bones combo.

That’s a gnarly elbow scar!

This woman has a skin conditon that results in constant blisters, so she covered it up with tattoos!



All scars look better with a chainsaw around them!




Redefining the word hardcore.

He got this tattoo after a severe spinal injury.

A tattoo beautifully covering a mastectomy scar.


You’re not a bona fide badass until you have red pupils.


Flowers to cover a dark time.


Tummy tuck scars can be covered up too.



Can’t go wrong with a trippy owl!

And here’s Nikki Black, who covered up the scars of her double mastectomy with these brilliant tattoos.

Some of these don’t just work to cover scars, they actually function beautifully as standalone pieces of art as well!