Spotting perverted psychopaths in a crowd is difficult even when they are present in every nook and corner of the society.

Some of them cross all boundaries unaware of the fact that we are living in an age where it is impossible to execute the misconducts without leaving behind a trail.

In Kolkata, a guy has been sending obscene messages to female students from St. Xavier’s College. Here are some screen shots of the messages sent by a certain Aditya Sharma.

Such messages have also been sent to girls from colleges other than St Xavier’s.

Apparently, this guy has other accounts as well, one of which is named ‘Senam’.

There are over 15 girls who have received similar messages but only some of them have shared the screen shots of their conversations.

An FIR will soon be lodged against the accused who has multiple profiles.

But the most shocking response has come from Facebook. The social media organisation says the person whose message has been reported does not violate the Community Standards.

Whatever Facebook’s reasons might be, we don’t agree with them. It’s time this pervert is sent to jail.

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