The loss of a pet brings along unimaginable grief to one but the ordeal of this Ontario resident is beyond upsetting.

According to reports, this Ontario resident was recently robbed and the thief managed to take several pricey things from her place of residence. Along with some cash, the thief also stole a DSLR camera but those are not things he is concerned about. 

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He put out a heartbreaking note around his area, addressing the thief. In the note, he has mentioned how he doesn’t care if he wants to keep the cash and the camera. But he desperately needs the memory card back as it has pictures of his deceased dog’s last day alive. 


What makes the note even more heartbreaking is the fact that he doesn’t want to punish or catch the thief; he just wants the pictures back.

His note ends with the fact that his dog just died a few days ago and he cannot afford to lose the pictures too.

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We really hope he gets those pictures back so that he can cherish his dog’s last memories.