A horrifying video is doing rounds on the internet where a man named Rishabh Mehra from Sector 100 Noida can be seen brutally hitting Buddy, a six month old Labrador puppy with a belt. 

Warning: This article contains graphic content. Reader’s discretion is advised. 

What did the pup do to deserve the harsh treatment? He merely pooped inside the house.

In the video that’s going viral, you can clearly hear the gut-wrenching cries of the puppy so you can imagine the trauma he went through. After being thrown on the floor and being kicked on the gut, Buddy suffered a broken thigh and sustained severe injuries on abdominal and genital areas.

The critical pup was rescued by a team of volunteers led by compassionate Vibha Chugh immediately after the terrible incident was captured by a neighbour on camera. 

An FIR has also been filed in the case against the accused who was responsible for this inhumane act and the pup’s custody has been given to Kaveri Rana from PFA, who is the Founder Trustee of SMART Sanctuary.

While talking about the incident, Rishabh, the accused said that he hit Buddy as he was trying to ‘discipline’ him. 

Buddy is now left with a fragmented and shattered femur and serious nervine injuries. When he was bought in for his treatment, Buddy couldn’t even stand or walk. And, he required emergency surgery to fix his severely damaged leg. He will also require months of therapy and rehabilitation before he can run again. Currently, he is admitted in Canine & Feline Critical Care Unit where he is being treated.

People on social media were devastated to hear about Buddy and the trauma he was subjected to for popping inside the house and this is how they reacted. 

Such inhumane acts against helpless animals have now become quite common and it’s time we take matters into our own hands to make a difference because no animal deserves to be treated this way. 

Click here to sign the petition to bring justice for Buddy and to increase penalty for animal cruelty.