History has a way of repeating itself if we don’t learn from it. On most days, we don’t really realise that’s what is happening but not today. Today, we’ve got photos!

1. Lesha L. Evans, standing her ground in a summer dress with her arms out during BLM protests of 2020 (LEFT). The famous picture of a man standing in front of tanks at Tiananmen Square in 1989 (RIGHT). 


2. The brutal murder of Goerge Floyd (LEFT). The exact same thing happening to another black man, Eric Garner (RIGHT). 


3. A West German Navy vessel hands over vaccines to the U.S. transport General Patch in July 1957 for people sick with the Asiatic flu (LEFT). Health workers use a speedboat to make their way to vaccinate Quilombo communities against COVID-19 in Oriximiná, Brazil, in February. (RIGHT)


4. The refugee crisis in Europe has been going on for decades now. 


5. Evacuation at the end of the Vietnam War in Saigon (LEFT). Evacuation after Kabul falls to the Taliban (RIGHT). 


6. American Civil Rights movement in the 1950s (LEFT). The Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 (RIGHT). 


7. Pride Marches have been going on for quite a while and despite recent success, a majority of the world still remains homophobic. 

8. The communal violence that followed India and Pakistan’s partition in 1947 (LEFT). The communal violence left many dead in North East Delhi in 2021. (RIGHT)


9. Cops employed by the British Empire beating down on dissenting Indians (LEFT). Delhi Police beating down people for protesting against the government (RIGHT). 

It would appear, despite our recent developments in technology, we still haven’t been able to learn from history. Or it wouldn’t be repeating itself and so consistently.