The current Irish President, Michael D. Higgins, is one of the most well-loved presidents, who won his second election term with a landslide victory of 822,566 first preference votes. 

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And, while there are multiple reasons for why he is favoured by the people, we think that Bród and Síoda also play a small but significant role in earning him people’s love. We know they’ve earned him our love. 


As you may have guessed by now, Bród and Síoda are Higgins’ two Bernese mountain dogs who literally never leave his side. And these photos and videos are the adorable proof of that: 

1. Recently, Bród interrupted an event with the Royals for a belly rub. And those are the only boys we don’t mind stealing women’s thunder! 

2. That’s not the only time though. Interrupting speeches might be his dogs’ favourite pastime. No one is complaining! 

3. Meeting the players. And you thought he couldn’t handle the ‘wuff’ play. 

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4. The paps just won’t leave him alone! (Can’t really blame them, have you looked at that too-cute-to-handle walk?)

5. “Yo ‘dawg’, where that camera at? Need some side shots!”

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6. Sit obediently, must I. (Yes, I do think he could beat even Baby Yoda)

Daily Edge

7. Rule 1 of being amazing doggo: protect my hooman at all costs. 

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8. You only need one hand for a handshake anyway. The other one should be used for petting Doggos, at all times. 

Daily Edge

9. Who’s a good boi? These two right here! 

10. They don’t photobomb. Thay make a photo ‘da bomb!’. 


12. “Sorry Harry, but we like Meghan more!”


13. No Royal is safe from Brod’s charms. 


14. Will forget the camera for petting. 

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15. No matter how long or boring the speech, I stand by hooman! 


16. Always up for a walk in the garden. 


17. “All the girls love me. All the boys want to be me.” (With the Ireland Hockey team). 

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18. Family photos are the best. 

All hail the first Doggos of Ireland who redefine what it means to be adorable.