The thing about cold weather is, it can always get more intense. We might be swathed in blankets in Delhi, but the folks over in the hills are colder still. But what if you take it up a million notches? Well in the icy tundra that is Siberia, there’s constant proof that our winters are child’s play. 

A picture of noodles and an egg frozen in the air in Novosibirsk, Siberia has gone viral. The picture was taken by Twitter user Oleg in -45 degrees celsius.

Siberia is notorious for its brutal winter, and it’s been infamously used by Russian and Soviet forces to run labour camps and to send enemies of the government.

Oleg also elaborated on the weather where he lives, saying,

People, you don’t realize what the Siberia weather is. 1 day ago it was -45 C. Now it is +4C. And going up to +12C if we trust Yahoo forecast. And then it goes down to -23C again, and back to -30.

People were understandably shocked at the proof of just how cold it is over, there, and they had a few things to say.

Delhi winters ain’t got nothing on that!