After one of the deadliest nuclear accidents in the history of the world, Pripyat, the town near Chernobyl nuclear plant, became almost inhabitable for humans and animals for many years to come. 

But what is shocking is that the area has become a refuge for several animals away from human habitation. Despite high levels of nuclear radiation, wild animals from moose, deer, beaver, and owls to more exotic species like red wolves are thriving in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone without people hunting them or ruining their habitat. 

This is Simon, the famous and friendly red fox from Pripyat in Chernobyl who has been raised by the guards.

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These images show how greenery has engulfed the city of Pripyat.

The place has turned into a sort of natural reserve with forests all around.

🔥 30 years later, Chernobyl has turned into a sort of nature reserve. With the lack of people, nature has reclaimed the city. Foxes, roe deer, birds of prey, wild horses, and even wolves can now be found living throughout the dense forests of Chernobyl 🔥 from r/NatureIsFuckingLit
Bored Panda

The Przewalski’s horse nearly went extinct, but in an effort to save the species it was introduced into the area around Chernobyl in 1998 and the horse population has been increasing ever since.

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Abandoned buildings in the city are full of greenery.

Overgrown house in Zalissya (village inside Chernobyl exclusion zone) from r/AbandonedPorn

The bus station in Pripyat is pretty cool with all these plants.


These pictures look straight out of a natural forest reserve.


The abandoned amusement park has now turned into a beautiful green park.

Visited chernobyl last week. The overgrown amusementpark of Pripyat! from r/AbandonedPorn

This is how the city looks now.

Looking at the Chernobyl Power Plant from Pripyat – [2000×1328] [OC] from r/AbandonedPorn

Isn’t it interesting to see how nature has taken over the once abandoned city?