We are back with some more dreamy pictures of Sundas Malik and Anjali Chakra, the Hindu-Muslim lesbian couple who went viral on social media with their romantic photoshoot in New York. Please don’t blame us if you end up crying happy tears of joy, okay? 

Let’s just begin by saying that they are a stunning couple and we can’t take our eyes off them.

Both of them compliment each other perfectly. BEAUTIFUL!

They are living proof that love certainly comes with its own set of challenges but when two like-minded people come together, overcoming obstacles definitely becomes easier. 

LOVE is in the air and this gorgeous couple is to be blamed for it. 

This picture is definitely one of our personal favourites. 

They show that having faith in yourself and in your partner is essential because sometimes life gives you lemons but we shouldn’t give up on fighting for what’s right. 

They are looking ravishing in their ethnic attire and we are in awe.

These lesbian beauties are posing like true boss ladies and we are loving it. 

They inspire us to never doubt ourselves, even in the toughest of times. 

Well, they celebrated one year of togetherness on 31st July and Malik took to Instagram to express her feelings. Take a look. 

Ladies, we wish you all the happiness in life. We are proud of you guys. Thank you for reinstating our faith in love. More power to you. 

All pictures sourced from Photographer Sarowar.
Outfits by Borrow The Bazaar 
Jewellery by Jewel Me Best