After the case of a suicide vest and a Quran being photoshopped onto a Canadian Sikh man’s picture , it now has been revealed that a picture published as that of the French woman who blew up herself in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis, was actually that of a Moroccan woman Nabila Bakkatha.

Here’s how her image was used:

Images that were shared across media outlets said Nabila was suicide bomber Hasna Ait Boulahcen, and the Moroccan resident received an unpleasant shock when she found her pictures doing the round of social media.

Nabila told AJ+ “I have no connection to Hasna or terrorism, my only connection is that my photos were sold to the journalist who published it … The journalist didn’t research or anything. He just published what he got.”

Nabila told CNN in an interview about the “drastic changes” she had to take and how she had stopped going to work.

“The photograph was taken by my friend, who sold it to a French journalist after the Paris attacks in revenge,” she said, adding that she planned to sue her friend as well as the journalist who bought them.

All the qualities of the suicide bomber were also attributed to here, like in this tweet:

Bakkatha’s case is yet another reminder of just how much unverified images being shared on social media can damage someone’s life.