Millions of people in India are suffering under a severe heatwave that has pushed the temperatures to over 40°C in several places in north India. While the weather department has issued a heatwave alert several regions in India, there are places that are hotter than our country right now.

Here’s a list of some of the hottest places in the world right now.

1. Death Valley National Park, California (102.9 °F)

Already considered the hottest place on Earth, the Death Valley in california recorded its warmest June on record this year.

LA Times

2. Al Jahra, Kuwait (53.5°C)

Compared to its neighbours, Kuwait is the hottest place on earth in 2021.


3. Jacobabad, Pakistan (52°C)

Jacobabad has always been known as one of the hottest places on the planet. It is infamous for its scorching summers and this year has been no different.

Jagran Josh

4. Lytton, Canada (49.6°C)

This small town about 200km from Vancouver set a national record a few days ago for recording the highest temperature ever in Canada.

5. Dallol, Ethiopia (48°C)

Dallol is a tiny village in Ethiopia known for setting high temperature records across the world. 


6. Baghdad, Iraq (51.6°C)

Several power cuts have bee reported from Iraq at a time when the country is reeling under scorching summer temperatures.

NBC News

7. Sweihan, UAE (51.8°C)

The weather has not been easy on people living here. It’s unbearable for them to even step outdoors for essential work.

The National News

8. Ahvaz, Iran (46°C)

The Iranian city set the record for the hottest temperature in the country in 2017 also when the temperatures touched 53.7°C.

The Independent

9. Portland, USA (46°C)

Portland broke heat records this year hitting a high temperature of 46°C. 


10. Athens, Greece (43°C)

Temperatures in Greece hit 43°C as the country experienced its hottest day of the year on 1st July.

This summer season has seen record-breaking temperatures in countries like Canada that usually do not witness such heatwaves.