Millions of people in India are suffering under a severe heatwave that has pushed the temperatures to over 40°C in several places in north India. While the weather department has issued a heatwave alert several regions in India, there are places that are hotter than our country right now.

Here's a list of some of the hottest places in the world right now.

1. Death Valley National Park, California (102.9 °F)

Already considered the hottest place on Earth, the Death Valley in california recorded its warmest June on record this year.

Source: LA Times

2. Al Jahra, Kuwait (53.5°C)

Compared to its neighbours, Kuwait is the hottest place on earth in 2021.

Source: Britannica

3. Jacobabad, Pakistan (52°C)

Jacobabad has always been known as one of the hottest places on the planet. It is infamous for its scorching summers and this year has been no different.

Source: Jagran Josh

4. Lytton, Canada (49.6°C)

This small town about 200km from Vancouver set a national record a few days ago for recording the highest temperature ever in Canada.


5. Dallol, Ethiopia (48°C)

Dallol is a tiny village in Ethiopia known for setting high temperature records across the world. 

Source: TripSavvy

6. Baghdad, Iraq (51.6°C)

Several power cuts have bee reported from Iraq at a time when the country is reeling under scorching summer temperatures.

Source: NBC News

7. Sweihan, UAE (51.8°C)

The weather has not been easy on people living here. It's unbearable for them to even step outdoors for essential work.

Source: The National News

8. Ahvaz, Iran (46°C)

The Iranian city set the record for the hottest temperature in the country in 2017 also when the temperatures touched 53.7°C.

Source: The Independent

9. Portland, USA (46°C)

Portland broke heat records this year hitting a high temperature of 46°C. 

Source: accuweather

10. Athens, Greece (43°C)

Temperatures in Greece hit 43°C as the country experienced its hottest day of the year on 1st July.

This summer season has seen record-breaking temperatures in countries like Canada that usually do not witness such heatwaves.