An American undersea explorer has achieved the feat of making the deepest sea dive ever recorded. But his achievement however has come with terrible news.

Source: For The Win

We are talking about Victor Vescovo, an American investor who made the deepest dive a human has EVER made in a submarine. Apart from finding four new species, he found a plastic bag and candy wrappers in the deepest place in the ocean.

So, while 95% of the ocean remains unexplored, our trash has managed to reach there. This only goes to highlight the far-reaching impact of plastic pollution. 

Source: Ocean Plastics

The high amounts of plastic bags are thrown all over the world into the oceans which is not only choking the aquatic life but also is now reaching a level that is shaking the ecosystem.

A disappointed Vescovo added that, 

It was very disappointing to see obvious human contamination of the deepest point in the ocean. It's not a big garbage collection pool, even though it's treated as such.
Source: BBC News

At this terrible rate of plastic being dumped in the oceans, the environmental crisis is the last thing that must be ignored right now.