Questions have been raised by the opposition and some concerned citizens in the recent past about the transparency and opacity of the PM-CARES fund. 

Well, a concerned Reddit user went that extra mile and created a satirical Google Chrome Dinosaur game poking fun at the lack of transparency of the fund. I wish I was kidding but, it’s legit.

I bought the domain name because it was available and made a satirical modi-themed chrome dinosaur game in it from r/india

The Reddit user in the post said:

I bought the domain name because it was available and made a satirical Modi-themed chrome dinosaur game in it. 

In case you are wondering, the game is similar to the popular T-Rex game that’s available on Google Chrome browser when someone goes offline but, there’s a twist.

This game features a pixelated character of PM Modi who is controlled by the player and he has to jump over a series of hilarious, yet apt obstacles like the coronavirus, the economy struggle, the media and much more. 

And, if that wasn’t funny enough, a typical error message comes up on the screen saying, “Unable to display PM CARES fund details. PM CARES fund details could not be displayed because the Government won’t allow you to see it” with the error code ERR_HIDDEN_BY_GOVERNMENT.

There’s more though. If you accidentally bump into an obstacle the game doesn’t end there, just yet. A “GAME NOT OVER” message appears on the screen, with a unique message for each obstacle. 

For instance, on hitting the coronavirus-themed obstacle, the game points out that though COVID-19 cases are going up, there is “no problem. Please continue.”

And, like this one.

Go on, try your luck at this game. Click here to play the game