Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday touched a few controversial topics while addressing the Parliament after the President’s address to the Lok Sabha. 

Taking a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s ‘danda‘ remarks, Narendra Modi said he does more Surya Namaskar to be able to withstand the abuse against him. 


PM Modi was replying to Gandhi’s comments, which he made a day before.

Rahul Gandhi had directed his rage towards the PM, saying that the youth will beat him up with sticks and make him understand that the country can’t progress without providing jobs to the youth. 

To this, the Prime Minister replied and said: 

I heard an opposition MP saying – youth will beat Modi with sticks in six months. I have also decided – will do more Surya Namaskar. This will make my back even stronger to face abuses. In any case, I have been abused so much for the last 2 decades that I have become gaali-proof. Their negativity hardly matters. 

Rahul Gandhi made an attempt to speak in response to the PM’s comments but failed as nobody could hear a word because of the uproar in the Parliament. 

To this, Modi quipped a quick one and said: 

I was speaking for the last 30-40 minutes but it took this long for the current to reach there. Many tubelights are like this.

The session continued as the Prime Minister continued speaking about other issues such as skill development, digital economy and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).