PM Modi today addressed a press conference with BJP President Amit Shah.

Source: LiveMint

This is the first time PM Modi has held a press conference in his entire tenure of 5 years.

In his opening statement, Modi said that he was hopeful the party would come back in power with resounding majority. 

The people of the country have decided that our government will be formed. I hope that the new government will start functioning at the earliest. It will happen after a long time in the country, our Government will come to power with an absolute majority for second consecutive time. 

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and other opposition party leaders had criticized Modi for taking no questions in his first press conference and not addressing a single press conference in his entire term.    


Modi, however, refused to answer any questions, calling himself a 'disciplined soldier' of the party and let party President do the talking. When a reporter insisted PM Modi answer a question, Shah said,

I have answered your question. It is not necessary for the PM to answer every question. 

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