Many have written letters to the Prime Minister asking for projects to be implemented or with ideas to improve the nation. But one 11-year-old from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh received a pleasant surprise when his letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a response. 

The class VII boy and other children in his locality were being forced to take a roundabout route to reach their school, since the railway track near their area did not have a crossing, ABP News reported.

The boy, Nayan Sinha from the Chandrashekhar Azad Intermediate College, decided to write to PM Modi in September 2015, and it reportedly prompted the PM’s office  to ask the Railway ministry to intervene.

The development was an unexpected one for Nayan, who told The Indian Express

“I had forgotten about the letter. Then, two days ago, my family received a letter from the divisional engineer, Northern Railways, mentioning my application sent to the Prime Minister. But no Railway official has visited us or sent any clear response to my request so far.”
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However, a senior official from Northern Railways told The Indian Express that a railway crossing can’t be constructed unless the state government sends a formal request for one. Hopefully, state chief minister Akhilesh Yadav is listening.