After breaking his silence on the unruly and unlawful activities by ‘gau rakshaks’ (cow protectors) on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again put these self-proclaimed vigilantes in their place, just a day later.

After inaugurating Telangana’s drinking water programme ‘Mission Bhagiratha’ on Sunday, August 7, Modi addressed a public meeting where he pressed on the need for the fake gau rakshaks to be “exposed, isolated and punished”. 

“The intention of these fake ‘gau rakshaks’ is to simply divide the country, they have nothing to do with ‘gau raksha’,” he said. 

Watch the speech where he is giving a stern warning to the self-proclaimed cow vigilantes.

The Prime Minister on Saturday launched the harshest attack anyone in his government has against the vigilante squads across the country that have been targeting minority groups and Dalits in their zealous pursuit of preventing cow slaughter. 

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He also had a word of advice for them on what they could do to save the cow. The Prime Minister said that more cows die due to eating plastic than due to slaughter.

“Those who want to do social service can work on getting cows to eat less plastic and people to not use plastic any more. That is true gau seva,” he said.

Gau rakshaks have been told to prevent cows from eating plastic instead of saving them from slaughter. But will they listen? 

(Feature image source: PTI)