PM Narendra Modi today took to Twitter to ask the citizens to give their inputs for his Independence Day speech on 15th August. Basically things we as citizens would want him to talk about or issues we are waiting for him to address.

Since, it’s a chance to get our voices heard, here’s what the nation wants him to talk about on 15th August from the Red Fort.

1. Tell us why the fuel prices are rising constantly.

2. Talk about the preparation for the third wave of COVID.


3. What are we doing to avoid the oxygen crisis India faced recently?


4. Give us the details of what exactly happened to the PM Cares Fund.

5. How are we ramping up the production of vaccines in India?


6. Resolve citizens’ concerns about the Pegasus project.


7. How is the government dealing with the farmers’ protests?

8. Show empathy to the kin of those who passed away of COVID during the second wave.

AP News

9. What is the government’s plan to boost employment?


10. Talk about the constant decline in our country’s GDP.


11. Address women’s safety concerns and take action against mysogynistic statements made by politicians with respect to crimes against women.

12. Allay people’s fear about a slowdown in the economy.

13. Condemn ‘love jihad’ cases and promise to deliver justice.

14. Condemn caste discrimination and related violence.

15. Accept the responsibility for COVID mismanagement and come up with a plan for our healthcare system.

What else do you want PM Modi to include in his I-Day speech? Let us know in the comments below.