With everything that’s going on in the country – Delhi communal violence, rise in unemployment, economy crashing, two cases of Coronavirus confirmed and 9 deaths due to Swine Flu in UP – it seems like our Prime Minister is feeling the heat. Maybe that’s why he’s announced that he might be ‘giving up social media’. 

The toll of having planned US President Donald Trump’s hectic visit, along with the duties of his office clearly seem to have taken quite the digital toll on our Prime Minister who, in a tweet earlier this evening, announced he plans to give up his social media accounts from the coming Sunday.  

No, this is not a joke, this isn’t fake news. This is the PM’s tweet to his followers. And, like every social media message by the Prime Minister of India, this one, too got followers talking.  

Prime Minister Modi might be going in for what millennials and influencers call a “digital detox” which happens when you’ve had too much of the digital world to the extent that it overwhelms you. It’s a good way to reconnect with the real world.  

In other unrelated news, April Fools’ Day is a month away.