Maharashtra, the worst-hit state during the coronavirus pandemic, saw a huge number of people assembling in capital Mumbai today.

Gathered in Bandra, most of them were migrant workers who were hoping to go back home, with the lockdown hopefully ending today.

However, the lockdown was extended till May 3 by the PM on Tuesday, presumably creating confusion in people.

Police ultimately had to resort to lathicharge, to disperse the crowd, but that doesn’t reduce the worry as so many people cramped in one place drastically increases the chances of the virus spreading.

Speaking to India Today on the matter, Maharashtra Cabinet minister Aslam Sheikh said that there is no dearth of food and people just want to go back home.

There is no question of food, food and rations are being provided to them. Earlier, Home Minister Amit Shah had assured that the arrangement will be made to send them back to their home after the lockdown ends, but now the lockdown has been extended so the people are anxious.

Maharashtra has 1,948 confirmed cases out of which 229 have recovered and 160 have passed away.