What could you possibly do with the husk of a bottle gourd to put it to good use? Przemek Krawczyński, a 33-year-old artist based in Poland, uses them to carve beautiful works of art! Don’t believe me? You should take a look at the incredibly detailed and ambiance warping night lamps that Przemek creates using just an empty shell of a bottle gourd. The intricately carved designs are truly one of a kind and nothing short of breath-taking! 

Przemek began carving gourd lamps in 2009, and has steadily been creating a variety of designs since then.


The detailed artwork on his lamps makes each and every one of them incredibly unique


These lamps are so popular that they are out of the stock, most of the time.


Immense work goes into creating these handcrafted lamps. The process begins with sketching, carving the outlines and finally, engraving.

Przemek says that depending on the size of the lamps, it takes about 2 to 4 months to complete just one piece.

These gourd lamps are very delicate and great care has to be taken when handling them.

Przemek, who calls himself a self-taught artist, believes that these lamps are the manifestation of his creativity and imagination.

You can check out more of the artist’s tremendous work here on his website.