Sometimes the best thing to do with your rewards and blessings is to share them. Which is what Polish Javelin Thrower Maria Andrejczyk decided on doing. The athlete auctioned her silver medal in order to raise money for a toddler’s heart surgery. 

Maria Andrejcyz won a silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics by throwing 64.61 meters and soon announced how she wanted to share her achievement. And so, she decided to raise money for a toddler named Mislov who is suffering from heart disease and venous problems. 

The only way he can survive is by undergoing surgery worth £130,000, which is available in the USA. What is even more touching is that the parents of a young boy named Kubus have also donated the funds that they collected for his surgery, but couldn’t utilise, as he didn’t make it. 

Maria had posted on her Facebook announcing her decision about a week ago, she mentioned that she’ll be accepting bids in private messages. And recently, closed the auction as she’s found a buyer for her medal. A company by the name of Żabka was the final donator. 

This was a truly noble pursuit!