To qualify for the Olympics is a big deal in itself, and then to actually win is just something else. 

So, congratulations to Yogi Adityanath. And PM Modi.

Congratulations to Hemant Biswas.

Congratulations to Anurag Thakur.

Congratulations to Bimal Borah.

And of course, once again, congratulations to the Modi ji.

This growing trend of politicians being given more importance than the athletes is disturbing, to be honest. These players fight against odds, work day in and day out to get us medals and the least we can do for them in return is give them complete attention and respect.

But then…

The last picture is from a felicitation ceremony for the silver-medal winner Mirabai Chanu, who is given less space in the poster than the PM. It’s something that’s rightfully bothering people, who have been vocal about this issue earlier too.  

This would be funny if it weren’t so disrespectful.