In the race to obtain social media virality, there’s a ground rule every key player knows. In the world of content, there’s no such thing as too old, too outdated, too cringe, or too intellectual, for that matter. You see, content is content, regardless of what and who your audience may be and what they may think about it. If going viral is your only goal, be random, or perhaps, be you. Or at least that’s what 2023 has taught us.


As the case always is, many things went viral this year. And among them were catchy phrases — uttered in pure honesty but with an impact so manifold — that they entered desi vocabularies. Well, younger millennials and Gen Zs in particular. Result? We speak differently. Or let’s say our way of expressing certain feelings can come across as appallingly ridiculous to those who inhabit a peaceful realm light years above mindlessly scrolling Instagram reels and memes.


Basically, here’s how we express simple emotions, thoughts, feelings, and other things now:

1. When somebody looks really pretty and you wanna compliment them – So beautiful, so, elegant, just looking like a wow!

2. When you love Dhoni and wish to proclaim your love for him for no apparent reason – Thala for a reason.

3. When things are turning out not the way they should – Math is not Mathing the Way Math Maths.

4. When you’re unapologetically ignorant – Being delulu is the only solulu.

5. When you’re speechless – Baigan.

6. When you want to talk about yourself but only in the third person – Sher aaj kaam pe jayega.

7. You’re living your best life, and have qualms about it – I’m a liver.

MensXP YouTube – Orry Interview

8. You wanna answer but you have no answer – Bhupendra Jogi.

9. When somebody asks you how life’s been treating you – Bro, Moye Moye chal raha hai.

10. And finally, when you live for the bare minimums – La La La La (in background)

So basically, proudly proclaiming ourselves ‘Sher‘ our delulu selves moye moyed through the year and made baigan of 2023.