Has your car/bike ever been impounded for the lack of documents or some other reason? If it has been, then you know, you have to pay a hefty fine to get the vehicle back. 

Hindustan Times

Well, no matter what you have paid, it is nothing compared to this!

According to NDTV, the owner of a Porsche 911 has paid Rs 27.28 lakh in fines towards pending taxes, interest and penalty to get his vehicle back after it had been impounded in November for the lack of valid documents. 


After paying the money to the Ahmedabad Regional Transport Office (RTO), the car owner- Ranjit Desai- took back his impounded car from the city traffic police on Tuesday.

The Ahmedabad traffic police also shared the photo of the receipt on Twitter claiming that the fine was the highest ever in India.  

The vehicle had been stopped at Helmet crossroad on the 28th of November as it did not have number plates.  


The cop who had taken the car said that the driver did not show any valid documents for the car either. 

We had therefore detained the car and issued an RTO memo under the Motor Vehicles Act. This means that he has to deposit the penalty with the RTO and come to us with a receipt to get back the vehicle. 

According to reports, a fine of Rs 9.8 lakh had initially been imposed, but when the owner went to deposit that amount, the RTO managed to find old records and slapped a penalty of Rs 27.68 lakh.