News publication house The Quint on Monday terminated the services of its contributing writer Suprateek Chatterjee after a tweet from his personal Twitter account came under flak on social media. 

This is what Quint tweeted on Monday:

Here is what Suprateek Chatterjee wrote on his Twitter handle for which he got fired:

Chatterjee, in what he later said was a “joke”, tweeted in the context of PM Modi’s birthday that he was glad that Modi was a year closer to his death. 

However, he deleted the above tweet after it came under fire from a lot of people and also went on to lock his account. He unlocked it sometime later.

He then issued a clarification on his post on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a series of tweets:

To sum up his defense, this is what the author said:

  • His tweet was not a death wish but as a “vocal critic” of PM Modi, he only wished he disappeared from Indian politics
  • Outrage on his tweet has no bearing on real world and is inconsequential
  • By sacking him, The Quint has set a dangerous precedent

He further insisted he is not covering his tracks.

There were mixed reactions to the publication’s move to sack him:


(Feature Image Source: Twitter)