Oh God, when is it going to rain?

That sounds familiar, right? It’s because we have all said this sentence every year when it gets too humid. 

The idea is that rain will bring down the temperature, hence putting an end to our misery. Misery, of those with air conditioners in the house, a roof above their heads. 

India TV News

My intention here is not to be condescending, I just want this to serve as a reality check about the situation our country is in. 

Privileged people enjoy the rain. Which is why we see the portrayal of monsoons as romantic in pop culture, movies etc.

YouTube/ bollysongsengsub

The ground reality for millions of Indians is very different, though. Every year, thousands of people lose their livelihood, homes and in worst cases, lives, due to floods. 

Which goes on to show the divide in our society. Here are some posters to explain this better. 

These remind us of the movie Parasite. And our privileges.