I don’t understand why women can’t accept once and for all that they aren’t supposed to wear certain things. 

You agree, don’t you? An invigilator, who barred a girl from giving her exam because she was wearing shorts, would agree. 

As would this Twitter user: 

Yes, society does have a problem with the clothes women wear. Because, how dare she wear whatever the hell she wants? Who does she think she is? A man? 

1. A man may be able to wear shorts and give their exams but, how can a woman even have the audacity? 

2. So what if guys wear shorts to study, give exams or even teach at IITs? Does that mean girls can wear skirts to study? How is that decorum? 

3. A guy can roam around on the streets shirtless; but does that mean girls can wear off-shouldered tops and skirts on the street? How is that even fair?

4. A man can wear gamcha, or a lungi in the house, to work, at the beach. Why? Because he is a man. He can do as he please. But, were bikinis actually made so women wear them to the beach? Of course not! They were made to admire in pictures only. How can women even dare to wear that? 

5. And don’t even get me started on crop tops. Showing your midriff? Showing your arms? Hell no! You can only do that if you’re an uncle! 

6. And the worst of it all! Women really think they can enter a temple in anything BUT a saree and their head covered? Or that they can enter a temple at all? Which world do they think they live in? Temples are only for semi or fully naked men because that is the extent of their devotion. A woman can’t even compare! 

7. Sleevleess dresses? With high slits? Can someone please tell these women that unless you’re a man, you absolutely cannot even show your skin. You have no right. 

8. And what’s the deal with using sports as an excuse to wear shorts, or skirts, or fitting clothes? What a ruse! Sure, you may be a Sania Mirza. But are you a man? 

9. And a saree does not mean you can go backless! Is that how you treat the respectable traditional Indian garment? By flaunting your bare back? No woman should ever dare to do that unless they’re a man standing bare bodied on his balcony, on someone else’s balcony, or anywhere for that matter. 

10. And let’s not even start with sleeping with a man. Did he force you to sleep with him? Did he treat you like his object? Did he give you permission? Then how dare you sleep with a man, stay over and then leave in the morning on your own? And whatever happened to covering up on top? What happened to shame? Don’t try to act like a man because you’re not. 

11. Pants were never meant to be for women. Stat. Wearing torn jeans is the kind of thing women should not be doing. It’s the man who’s out and about, earning a living. You should stay covered from head-to-toe in a salwar kameez and dupatta at home. 

12. And just because you have breasts doesn’t mean you wear low neckline to flaunt it in public. Only a man who treats you like an object has the right to see your breast or do as he pleases with them. Leave the unbuttoned shirts to men, please and keep your tough titties hidden behind your choli

Now here’s a real fact: If you believe women should follow ‘decorum’ when it comes to the clothes they wear, you’re the problem. Not women. The fault is in your intention, not theirs. 

If you’ve reached this far and this article angered you, good. My job is done. This world wants its women to fit in to the boxes they’ve made so they can control you. My advice: The boxes be damned. Raise hell if someone tells you how to dress, what to do or how to be. 

And if you reached this far and this article encouraged you in some messed up way, know this: It’s a man’s world only in your head. And to fight that kind of narrow-minded attitude, you need the grit and resilience of a woman. Because, in all fairness, tough titties.